Voices Matter

Would you like to meet others who hear voices and explore your experiences in a safe and supportive way?

Voices Matter groups offer you the opportunity to:

  • Meet people with similar experiences
  • Challenge social norms
  • Share experience, receive support and empathy
  • Value your contributions
  • Accept that voices and visions are real experiences
  • Respect each member as an expert

Hearing Voices Groups provide a safe place to talk about your experiences. You may feel that sometimes these experiences are very distressing and overwhelming, but sharing them can help.

What do Hearing Voices Groups Do?

Hearing Voices Groups can be thought of as an addition to existing support, yet they do not mirror psychiatric services. Instead, something new is offered which has already improved the lives of thousands of people who hear voices around the globe.

Hearing Voices Groups are having considerable success in helping people to understand and come to terms with their voices and begin to recover their lives. More and more, as people are encouraged to talk about their own experience, they are beginning to learn what the voices mean for them and how to regain control over that experience.

In Voices Groups, people are empowered in that they are able to choose the way they want to manage their experience. Some people will want to just sit with their experience and others will want to understand it and learn from it. Voices Groups assist people to access information and resources, but furthermore, they allow people to explore the relationship between their life history and their personal experience of hearing voices.