About Us

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Voices Matter groups are formed on the principle that voice hearing is not necessarily a sign of sickness. Hearing Voices Groups are not treatment or therapy groups and the topic of discussion may be our next holiday as much as voices. They are social groups and are a place where people can talk openly about their voices and visions. They are also open to ‘non-patients’ and people who don’t identify themselves as having an illness. Groups are encouraged to work collectively to solve problems. In addition, there is no fixed length of time that people are expected to attend for, this is up to the individual. People in Hearing Voices Groups can also provide practical support to each other.

Voices Matter groups in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough accept that voices and visions are real experiences and believe that people are not any less for having voices and visions. Many famous people have heard voices including Ghandi, Salvador Dali and Joan of Arc. Many people with these experiences, whether or not they have a mental health diagnosis, can and do live fulfilling and worthwhile lives. For some people, a Hearing Voices Group can be a part of this.