In November 2016 the members and facilitators of the Voices Matter groups were asked about how they find attending the Voices Matter groups. Below is a selection of their feedback.

What do you most enjoy about going to the Voices Matter groups?

“Knowing I’m not alone.”

“That the group members support each other in a friendly environment.”

“A safe, comfortable place where you can talk about the challenges of hearing voices.”

“Helping my confidence.”

“People listen to me and we share similar experiences and issues.”

How helpful is it?

“I can put my issues into perspective and get advice and information.”

“A useful group about mental health and symptoms.”

“To get out of the house and connect with like minded people.”

If you were to recommend the groups to a friend what would you say?

“It’s a really good group for talking/ sharing your feelings and what you’re going through, with other people who can relate with you, both with hearing voices and with mental health challenges.”

“A friendly atmosphere with people who share the same challenges learning about coping and other ideas to help each other.”